Why blog about desert plants??

I never appreciated plants until I moved to Arizona. The sparse desert landscape unleashed my craving for life. Shortly after moving here from the lush Ohio countryside and cityscape, I fell in love with the wild flowers that erected themselves from the hard, cracked desert floor. The spattering of pink, white, purple, and yellow amidst the dry brown earth made me happy for these plants symbolized survival. I have been dabbling with desert flowers and plants for several years trying to give my yard "curb appeal". Here I will chronicle my fascination with desert plants.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This succulent produces colorful single or double flowers that open fully in the bright light and close by mid-afternoon. Portulaca grandiflora thrives in sandy soil and high temperatures and flourishes in intense sunlight. An annual referred to as Rose Moss or Moss Roses, it is a low growing, spreading plant which makes it perfect for rock gardens or baskets.

Many people often confuse Purslane with Portulaca. You can tell the difference by looking at the leaves: Purslane's leaves are flat while Portulaca's leaves are spiny.